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The Gospel Video Project uses streaming media services such as Sling, Playstation Vue, Crackle, and others, to air personal testimonies of how people came to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

These are real people sharing their stories of how He has made a difference in their lives.

We have chosen to use streaming media for three reasons.


The first is that 95% of the ads aired through streaming services are actually seen and heard. They cannot be fast forwarded or skipped in any way and the commercial breaks are relatively short, so as to retain constant viewership. This means people will actually hear the good news of Jesus right in their own home.


The second reason is cost. Right now, advertising cost are as low as $.04 for a 30 second spot and only $.08 for a 60 second spot. This allows us to share gospel testimonies with literally thousands of people at an extremely affordable rate. $50 will share a testimonial video 1,250 times. $100 will share a testimonial video 2,500 times.


The third reason is the ability to connect people to local churches. The videos we air can be labeled with your local church information and be shown specifically in your county. We want to provide you with an economical and efficient way to get the Gospel out to people in your area and connect them with your church.
If you would like to know specifically how your church can get involved with the Gospel Video Project please click the link below or send us an email at info@fbcoppelo.com
Thank you for your interest in the Gospel Video Project!
To God be the Glory!
The purpose of the Gospel Video Project is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with individuals and to enable churches to share the Gospel utilizing technology and media.
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Gospel Video Project was initiated by the First Baptist Church of Oppelo, Arkansas