Our passion has always been sharing the love of Christ, and in 2017 we did just that!

The Gospel Video Project was originally created to share the teachings of Jesus Christ through technology and media. We created a modern digital space to enable churches to share the Gospel with anyone, anywhere with the click of a button.

Your stories literally became God’s sermon.

What we discovered is that every story, while unique, was similar. Through these commonalities and the love of Jesus Christ we are reminded that WE ARE NOT ALONE. Our mission today hasn’t changed. It’s only gotten bigger. Our goal is to bring Christ to all through stories like yours and others.

The Gospel Video Project is a resource for all who are looking for answers through Jesus.

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The purpose of the Gospel Video Project is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with individuals and to enable churches to share the Gospel utilizing technology and media.
Gospel Video Project was initiated by the First Baptist Church of Oppelo, Arkansas
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